TMS Profiles

Team Performance Profile (TPP)

The Team Performance Profile Questionnaire, a 54-item multi-rater assessment, focuses on assessing a team's performance in terms of nine team performance factors associated with high-performing teams:

  • Advising
  • Innovating
  • Promoting
  • Developing
  • Organizing
  • Producing
  • Inspecting
  • Maintaining
  • Linking

Based on these nine team performance factors, the Team Performance Profile graphically illustrates satisfaction of a team's performance by various respondent groups:

  • The core team
  • Other teams
  • Customers or clients
  • Management

Respondents assess the extent to which each team performance factor should occur in the work of a team and the extent to which each factor actually does occur. The gap is analyzed and reported in terms of satisfaction rates.

In addition, the Team Performance Profile highlights differing viewpoints of performance from within the team.

A Narrative Report outlines opportunities for a team to improve its overall performance, highlighting specific team performance factors that require particular attention.

In addition, a Quantitative Report offers a detailed item-by-item analysis of each team performance factor, enabling the team to develop focused action-plans for improved team performance.

The Team Performance Profile:

  • Provides an ideal entry point to an assessment of team performance by offering a common language and shared understanding of critical factors for high performance.
  • Acts as a catalyst for team development and improved effectiveness by enabling team members to focus on areas requiring action.
  • Is an ideal tool in any ongoing team development process - initial profiling of the team can be repeated at a later point to assess how team performance has improved.