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Editor: D.J. McCann & N.H.S. Mead

Team Management Systems

ISBN: 978-0-9803905-6-8

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Games TMS People Play: Third Edition showcases over 180 games and specialized activities by invited facilitators from England, Scotland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Lebanon, Cyprus, Germany and Canada.

This resource is an essential collection for any training and adult education professional and our special thanks go to all the contributors for their willingness and enthusiasm to share their designs, applications and expertise. We appreciate the time and effort they have spent preparing their activities for this edition.

We have enjoyed compiling and editing this collection and hope it will stimulate you to use TMS in new and effective ways in the workplace.

Dick McCann and Nikki Mead


  • Marla Allen (Marla Allen & Team, LLC, USA)
  • Aileen Armstrong (Achieving Synergy Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Nigel Bailey (Gateways Business Consultants, South Africa)
  • David Bennett (CLC Business Training & Development, Australia)
  • Jan Bentley (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • Chris Burton (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • Michael Cardus (Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Inc., USA)
  • Bonnie Cooper (Team Management Systems (Americas) Inc., USA and Canada)
  • Jean Dickson (JVD Creativity Consulting, Canada)
  • Derek Duffy (AMP, Australia)
  • Sarah Eqbal (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • Carole Field (Praesta Australia, Australia)
  • Dimity Fifer (Australian Volunteers International, Australia)
  • Michael Fuhrmann (Rother & Partner, Germany)
  • Tom Gibbons (Team Management Systems (Americas) Inc., USA and Canada)
  • Ian Gillies (Team Based Strategies, Australia)
  • Roger Greenaway (Reviewing Skills Training, Scotland)
  • Mark D. Havens (Accessible Adventures, Inc.)
  • Karin Hoernig (aha! Initiatives, Canada)
  • John Inman (T-Mobile USA, USA)
  • Ron Jungalwalla (QUEST Group Australia Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Deb Loftus (Liminal Solutions, LLC, USA)
  • Marcus Mackay (Human Development Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Jayne Mallon (Jayne Mallon Ltd, England)
  • Paula Marcondes (ACT Training International Pte Ltd, Singapore)
  • Charles Margerison (Team Management Systems)
  • Dick McCann (Team Management Systems)
  • Rich McLaughlin(The McLaughlin Community, Inc., USA)
  • Nikki Mead (Institute of Team Management Studies)
  • Dimis Michaelides (Performa Consulting Ltd, Cyprus)
  • Stewart Mitchell (Mitchell Consultancy Services, Australia)
  • James Neill (University of Canberra, Australia)
  • Fay Niewiadomski (International Consulting and Training Network, Lebanon)
  • Graham Nisbet (Nisbet & Associates Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Sue O'Boyle (Dead Fish-Consulting, England)
  • Fiona Oliver (Excellence as Usual Pty Ltd, Australia)
  • Outdoor Insights Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Roland Richards (TMS Development International Ltd, England)
  • Clio Robertson (Team Management Systems, Australia)
  • Peter Robinson (Team Management Services Ltd., New Zealand)
  • Algar Rother (Rother & Partner, Germany)
  • Richard Rowe (Richard Rowe & Associates, Australia)
  • John Sleigh (Australia)
  • Barry Smith (Australia)
  • Douglas Brent Smith (USA)
  • Tracy Tagliati (The Thiagi Group, USA)
  • Sivasailam Thiagarajan (Workshops by Thiagi, Inc., USA)
  • Team Management Systems (Australia)
  • TMS Development International (England)
  • Hartmut Wagner (Germany)
  • John Walker (Walker Wilson Associates, Australia)


Categories and Content

There are 10 category listings to help you locate the perfect game or specialized activity.

Icebreakers are games designed to 'break the ice' and put people in the right frame of mind for learning. Whether used to launch a session or embedded in a program, they help participants feel relaxed with each other and you as the facilitator.

Energizers can be invaluable to achieve a high-energy start to a session, reinvigorate participants following breaks, and as 'attention-switchers' during a session.

Outdoor Games provides a range of activities from treasure hunts to physical challenges and puzzlers for fun and interactive learning in the outdoors. Ideal for taking participants from their comfort zone into an action learning environment.

Puzzlers includes a broad range of games from the mathematical to fantasy scenarios and word games to challenge your group and stimulate thinking.

No Materials are activities that can be run without any resources. Perfect for the last minute addition to a session or for travel.

Time Conscious games are aimed at those with a need for short activities of 10 minutes or less.

Games for Pairs is a selection of activities designed for sessions where participants are grouped into pairs.

Team Games are all about injecting interactivity and experiential learning into sessions with multi-teams. These games are competitive on an inter-team level while also requiring each team to hone their teamwork skills.

Group Games are games designed to involve all participants in a non-competitive arena. These games are either conducted with the group as whole, as individuals or in sub-groups formed for discussion and learning.

TMS Games are designed to highlight Team Management Systems concepts in a fun and interactive way while providing real learning through demonstration and application.

There are 7 subcategories: High-Energy Teams Model; Linking Skills; Pacing; QO2™, Types of Work; Values; Work & role preferences.