TMS Resources Podcasts

The TMS Podcast Library is grouped into three areas: 

Author Podcast Series

The ‘Author Podcast Series’ features Drs. Charles Margerison and Dick McCann in a series of interviews which explore the origins and underpinnings of Team Management Systems.

Publications Podcast Series

This podcast series explores key Team Management Systems publications.

Network Member Podcast Series

This podcast series contains observations from human resource professionals from around the world who have extensive experience of using Team Management Systems products and concepts. These network members offer advice based on their work with the Profiles for both personal and team development, in a wide range of organizations. The series reflects six basic steps that take you from initial preparation to final action plans.

It is important to point out that while the podcast series reflects the approach of many practitioners, there is no 'prescriptive' formula. You may merge, omit or transpose the steps to fit your own purpose.