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Window on Work Values Profile (WoWV)

The Window on Work Values Profile is based upon responses to 64 items where respondents rate situations or activities at work that they value. The results are then processed to give a hierarchy of importance arranged around the Window on Work Values. The feedback indicates which of the following eight value types are fundamental drivers of their behavior.

  • Compliance
  • Conformity
  • Collectivism
  • Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Independence
  • Individualism
  • Authority

One hundred percentage points are distributed around the Window on Work Values. If all value types were held equally then a respondent would have 12.5% in each sector. However this would be very unlikely. Most commonly, two or three value types will be significantly above 12.5% and two or three will be below 12.5%, resulting in a hierarchy of importance.

The Window on Work Values Profile Questionnaire gives an extra insight into the behavior of individuals and teams. It highlights potential conflicts within a team where, for example, some team members may value Individualism and Authority whereas others may value Collectivism and Equality. Values operate at a deeper level within the human psyche and often explain why people with similar work preferences, as measured by the Team Management Profile Questionnaire, may have difficulty in working effectively in a team.

The Window on Work Values Profile Questionnaire is an ideal tool for:

  • Organizational values assessment
  • Personal learning and development
  • Values alignment interventions
  • Development of team ground rules based on shared values

Information from the Window on Work Values Profile Questionnaire provides valuable information to add to individual and team data obtained from the Team Management Profile Questionnaire and the Opportunities-Obstacles Profile Questionnaire (QO2™). The Profile typically contains 8-10 pages of valuable information describing likely patterns of behavior of the respondent.