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Success Stories High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

  • Building Adaptable, Innovative and Sustainable Teams

    A municipality in Australia was looking to increase efficiency to keep meeting key community service expectations. An organisational realignment brought new teams together and using the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile (TMP) they learned very quickly how to play to their strengths.

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  • Improving Healthcare Through Collaboration

    Using the Team Management Profile (TMP) to improve teamwork to better manage the complex healthcare needs of patients. Sustained improvements demonstrated enhanced teamwork, communication and lasting behavioural change.

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  • Leveraging Off-field Leadership for On-field Results

    Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club underwent a transformative shift in 2016 when Chinese investment group Fosun took over. Read how Head of HR, Zoe Brough, used the Team Management Profile (TMP) to implement a Wolves Management Development Programme to build competency frameworks, foster self-awareness and improve team collaboration.

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  • Aligning for a Critical Government Initiative

    A new team, under the pressure of limited resources needs to align internally and with other internal and external stakeholders to deliver early wins.

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  • TMP & QO2: Making School Health Better

    Schools Health in Hammersmith & Fulham underwent a journey of transformative change following a prolonged period of low morale and patchy leadership. Read how Harpal Dhatt successfully used the Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient and Team Management Profiles to foster collaboration, improve morale, and build leadership skills – resulting in a more open and receptive work culture, increased trust, and improved communication among team members.

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