Books Team Management: Practical New Approaches

Practial New Approaches

Management Books 2000 Ltd

ISBN: 1-85252-114-7

(155 pages, paperback) 

US $28.00


Practical New Approaches contains all you need to know about Team Management Systems to convince you that Margerison and McCann are THE teamwork specialists.

The authors have drawn on the original findings of Carl Jung and adapted his concepts to the workplace. The heart of this system is the two colored Wheels: the Types of Work Wheel and the Team Management Wheel. These Wheels aid self-understanding, teamwork, career development, communication and leadership.

The book is full of case studies and examples of how the Team Management System can be used in any organization or team. It contains information on why teams fail and advice on how those teams can be inspired to perform.

The revolutionary set of techniques described in this book is backed by research. The reliability and validity studies, together with comparisons to other management development instruments are explained in an easy to understand format.

The unique system the authors created will give you an insight into how people can work together effectively with a shared understanding of teamwork. If you need help with your teams, then this is the book for you.