E-Books The Workplace Wizard: The Definitive Guide to Working with Others

Workplace Wizard

Gwent Publishing

ISBN: 0-9581313-0-9

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A computer Wizard has become an essential tool for setting up programs to suit individual needs. The Workplace Wizard is the workplace's equivalent. No longer will you need to find your way through a labyrinth of baffling behavior, treading on people's sensitivities and stumbling over unforeseen obstacles.

It is written in straightforward language to help anyone who has to work with others. It is the ultimate guide to understanding behavior at work. Learn how to customize your interactions with colleagues to improve organizational performance by developing improved leadership skills and teamwork.

The Workplace Wizard is written by one of Australia's leading management consultants, Dick McCann. It is the culmination of more than twenty years of researching people's behavior at work. All the theories and concepts have been comprehensively tested for reliability and validity and are proven to work in practice.

Demystify people's behavior at work by reading the Workplace Wizard. You will find it compulsive reading and an indispensable resource for working with others.