Research Research Manual 5th Edition: 8 Manual Bundle

TMS RM5 Covers 19

Editor: D J McCann and N H S Mead

Publisher: Team Management Systems

US $79.95

This fifth edition of the Team Management Systems Research Manual is a major revision of the last edition which was published in 2010. Since then we have undertaken new research and significantly increased the norm data, allowing for a greater depth and breadth of analysis to be presented.

This bundle purchase includes all 8 Team Management Systems Research Manuals, giving you access to the latest norm data an insights into each of the Team Management Systems Profile products:

  • Team Management Profile
  • Linking Skills Profile
  • QO2 Profile
  • Windows on Work Values Profile
  • Organizational Values Profile
  • Types of Work Profile
  • Strategic Team Development Profile
  • Team Performance Profile

All manuals include an Executive Summary which is ideal for readers who want a summary of the key research points, without being overwhelmed by statistics. Normative data and detailed articles on specific studies on face validity, construct validity and criterion-related validity as well as confirmatory factor analyses are also presented.