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Risk Orientation

The QO2™ stands for the Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient and is a measure of the extent to which people are more likely to invest energy in seeing the opportunities or seeing the obstacles. In simple terms it is a measure of the inherent risk a person is likely to accept. It affects their approach to decision-making, change, conflict and just about any situation faced at work.

The Risk-Orientation Model is the basis of the QO2™ concept and defines five subscales that are used to calculate the QO2™.

MTG Energy

How much energy you put into 'Moving Towards Your Goals'


The extent to which you find ways around obstacles


How good you are at seeing potential obstacles


The extent to which you expect positive outcomes


A measure of your psychological time and your orientation to the past, the present or the future

The Opportunities-Obstacles Profile (QO2™ Profile) enables individuals to review their approach to work and improve both the way they seize opportunities and foresee obstacles. An overall score on the instrument is given together with data on the five subscales.