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Types of Work

Margerison and McCann’s research examined the nature of work carried out in teams, identifying eight core ‘work functions’ or types of work, plus one central activity that integrates the work functions. These nine key success factors form the basis of the Margerison-McCann Types of Work Wheel.

The Types of Work Wheel helps us understand how key work areas fit together and the critical need for all activities to be linked together effectively. This is a universal model of effective, balanced teamwork that shows how all tasks in any work situation can be described in terms of nine key factors: Advising, Innovating, Promoting, Developing, Organizing, Producing, Inspecting, Maintaining and Linking. This model provides a valuable business tool that can be used in every aspect of planning and organization. 

In most jobs there are likely to be two or three activities that are critical to successful performance. If these activities are carried out effectively, it can make the difference between high and low performance in a job. Research has shown that while many of these critical job activities can be carried out by a wide variety of people, certain key activities need to be carried out by people with particular abilities, preferences, and skills.