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About TMS

Our story began in 1984 at our headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. Here, Drs Charles Margerison and Dick McCann founded Team Management Systems to research the question, "why do some individuals, teams, and organizations perform, work effectively and achieve their objectives, while others fail?".

At its core, Team Management Systems offers you and your organization research-proven assessments that reveal critical dynamics to enable the development of high-performance in the workplace.

Together with our global partners we offer accreditation to learning and development professionals who wish to use our approach to high performance working and business success. Our offices provide a complete customized profiling service to accredited clients. Additionally, extensive ongoing support and advice plus local networking events and newsletters to create a rich community of knowledge and experience.

Over our 36 years of working with organizations to develop high energy teams, we have experienced significant growth worldwide. The Margerison McCann Team Management Systems Profiling tools are now used globally in countless different ways to produce a long history of success for our clients. We are proud of the contribution that our work has made to so many individuals, teams, and companies.

You can read here some of the fascinating case studies from our clients around the world as they share their experience of using the Team Management Systems approach to building success.