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  • Developing Leaders and Leadership Teams
  • Team Building and Development
  • One to One Career Coaching
  • Tailored Workshops
  • Facilitated Conflict Resolution
  • Organisational Restructuring


  • Leadership
  • Career Planning
  • Team Building
  • Coaching


  • Team Management Profile (TMP)
  • Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360)


Since 1997, Rhett Stubbs (BBus, Grad Cert Org Change & Dev, MHRM and MAHRI) has enjoyed an extensive career across a variety of senior human resource management, organisational change and industrial relations roles in the higher education, transport and utilities sectors.

In 2022, after encouragement by family, friends, and colleagues, Rhett started Active HR, a Queensland based consultancy, and is now focused on helping business owners and leaders shape their people and culture approaches into ones that produce workplaces that engage and reveal talent, activate high performance and inspire potential and growth. As an experienced career, HR and leadership coach, mentor and team workshop facilitator, Rhett appreciates the highly practical relevance of TMS solutions for coaching purposes in areas of organisational improvement, team building and leadership development.

When designing and delivering team development workshops, Rhett prides himself on delivering outcomes suited to the client’s organisational development needs. For team building, Rhett values the practical relevance of the Team Management Profile (TMP) as a foundation to help participants self-discover and self-reflect, and self-determine pathways to improve collaboration and build high performance, while giving regard to the learner's experiences and biases. Rhett’s workshops are widely regarded as fun and energising, and they always incorporate practical experiential learning experiences that reveal work and role styles in action, along with the pathways for behavioural change and improvement.

When working with individuals either as a career coach or leadership coach, Rhett focuses on maximising a client’s return on investment in either the TMP or Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360), enabling a participant to look through the Johari Window to see and promote their strengths, reveal the insights they didn’t know and learn to appreciate what others may experience when contending with their blind spots. This precedes a GROW defined coaching process that enables behaviour change and improvements in respect to human relations and work delivery impact, effectiveness and overall performance.



"I recently participated in a leadership training course with Rhett Stubbs from Active HR. The course was well presented and explained. All participants enjoyed the course, had fun doing the group activities and using the Team Management Profile learnt more about their colleagues than they realised. Since the course the leadership team has developed into a stronger team. I highly recommend Rhett’s leadership course."

- Sue Malaponte, Board Member, Flexi Queensland.


Rhett is based in Townsville, North Queensland, and supports clients as far north as the Torres Strait, as far south as the Gold Coast and out to Mt Isa. Rhett would love to introduce TMS into organisations across Queensland.