Find an Associate

Peter Robinson

Located in Auckland, NZ

Peter Robinson delivers Strategic and Business Planning workshops as well as team and individual development programmes

Robert Kienzle

Located in Hong Kong

Robert Kienzle is a Senior Consultant at Knowmium and an experienced coach and business training professional who has worked across the globe.

Stacey Kelly

Located in Sydney, AU

Stacey Kelly is passionate about enabling people, unlocking inspiring leadership and building sustainable businesses.

Tim Baker

Located in Brisbane, AU

Dr Tim Baker is an international consultant, thought leader, and prolific author. Tim is a specialist in team dynamics and team development.

Tina Lambert

Located in Darwin, AU.

Dr Tina Lambert is passionate about helping people to work together more effectively. Tina believes that it is through learning we change ourselves and our interactions with others.

Tim Tout

Located in Japan

Tim Tout is certified in the full TMS suite of Profiles and has utilised the Team Management Profile and Linking Leader Profile in Japan within a range of organisations.

Toni Williams

Located in Sydney, AU

Toni Williams is a highly skilled L&D consultant who adopts a strength-based approach with her clients, focusing on what is working well to expand into areas of development.

Vincent Van Der Zee

Located in Melbourne, AU

Vincent Van Der Zee has earned a reputation for consistently creating original and insightful change processes for both individual and organisational clients. Vincent consistently demonstrates the ability to successfully meet the varying needs of a diverse range of individuals and organisations.

Warren Huxley

Located Sydney, AU

Warren Huxley is a leadership coach and has worked across a diverse range of industries. Warrens approach integrates experiential or kinesthetic learning and cross references the individuals leadership or career journey. 

Wendy Thompson

Located in London, Canada

Wendy Thompson is a former executive with more than 27 years of HR experience and an internationally certified coach specializing in team and leader development.